Congratulations @ogechionyegbu. We are inspired by your love story! In her own words…
(What I’ve Learnt) IT’S WORTH THE WAIT


It might not be all you dreamt of or how you pictured it to be… But if it grows you, makes you better, pushes you into destiny, makes you happy… IT’S WORTH THE WAIT.


The wait won’t be perfect. It never is. You’ll get tired, frustrated, impatient.. You’ll want to move on… You’ll notice many imperfections… But if you look a little closer, pray a little harder, you’ll know… IT’S WORTH THE WAIT.


Whoever said the wait would be easy? It’s beauty is that every season of wait births a season of MANIFESTATION. In the meantime, Enjoy the journey!!! IT’LL BE WORTH THE WAIT.


If they see your flaws, correct them in private BUT still announce and celebrate your strengths in public. They are the real mvp’s! THEY ARE WORTH THE WAIT.


If they believe you are worth waiting for… If they allow you shine… If they fight for you regardless of what they hear… I know you already know THEY ARE WORTH THE WAIT.


Stay content! Perfection is only a ‘state of mind’! Good things take a lot of hard work, patience and the humility to learn and unlearn! Be rest assured, If God is in it, Your uncertainties will turn to Testimonies. IT WILL BE WORTH THE WAIT.


There’s nothing more important than personally believing that you are amazing just as God has made you. Learn to look in the mirror and tell that fine somebody- YOU ARE WORTH THE WAIT.
I hope this blesses someone.

cc @uchennaakanwa …Throwback to when we had not started rubbing cream😂😂😂…One day, 2017 will be a throwback we will laugh about, God willing. I love you B!


This is just amazing! It started from 2009 and has continued growing, it shows love is a decision and not just a feeling. One of our admins was asked in a seminar “how long would one date before getting married?” and he responded “as long as the relationship has been defined, as long as both party is honestly committed to each other and is getting ready towards becoming united forever, its worth the wait”. It takes decision to build a lasting relationship, love isn’t based on what we feel, what we feel can fail us overtime but when we take the decision to be with someone forever regardless of the flaws we have noticed, we see ourselves growing everyday in our commitment to each other! That commitment is what love is… Love is a choice, a choice to be with someone in storms and in good. A choice to manage our imperfections and help one another to build up ourselves. If God is involved, it is worth it!

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