Tobi and I didn’t know each other when we both visited the Lagos to attend a wedding. Tobi, a friend of the bride and myself, friend of the groom who were assigned Chief Bridesmaid and Best-man duties were left with no choice but to engage in the best interest of the couple and to ensure a successful wedding ceremony.

I was introduced to Tobi a day before the wedding and we had a fun start. Alas! The wedding was over and we all returned to our various destinations. Tobi had returned to Ibadan while I remained in Lagos to spend time with family and friends before returning to base – Abuja. After that, Tobi and I began to talk a little bit on the phone, but there was no sign of further intimacy. At the end of the very week, after we really hadn’t spoken much, somehow, we ended up talking on the phone the next weekend when she told me she’ll be visiting Lagos yet again. I asked her what she was doing that weekend and she replied “nothing exactly but to attend a wake-keep with family”. Knowing I myself was headed back to Abuja in a few days, I asked her out on a date and she said yes.

We agreed to meet at Ozone. Upon seeing her, our fingers slid perfectly into each other’s as we walked the stairs – this was for sure more comforting and assuring than the conventional handshake or side hug one would receive in such cases. Perhaps, it was a supernatural sign of the good things to come my way. Over some fresh juice and the popular and unbeatable Nigerian Jollof, we realized something was different. As we swapped stories and life anecdotes for the next few hours, two things became abundantly clear: the tone of the conversation felt like we had known each other forever, and I knew there was more to this conversation that I started to re-think strategies of booing the damsel right before my eyes.

Fast forward two months, we entered into a very happy relationship, one with the obvious support of the cosmos. We kept in touch via IMs and frequent phone calls and managed a couple of visits when the opportunity arose…


In her absence, she piqued my interest with her sensational voice, witty profile and easy-on-the-eyes profile pictures.
And yes, if you’re keeping score, that means we went on exactly one date. That’s a 100 percent success rate! A year and one month later, I proposed to Tobi at Zen Garden (Jade Place) in Lagos. Yes, Lagos again! We’re now busy planning our Wedding to hold 1st July 2017.
Where are we getting married? Not Lagos this time. Ibadan it is!

Congrats @atobbey & @chibuzoottih


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