We met in 2016. A friend had invited me for a wedding knowing full well I won’t attend, I agreed hoping that he would forget. On the said day, I was supposed to go and have my hair loosened and remade. My friend called to ask if I remembered the wedding I said I wasn’t sure I’d make it. He asked why and I told him. He said he’d come and pick me from my house if that was what it would take to get me to attend the wedding.


Before I could say “Jack” my friend and his girlfriend pulled up in front of my house waiting for me I had to join them. I put on a peach coloured dress, managed my hair and tagged along.


Ongetting to the wedding venue, peach was the colour of the day so I didn’t feel left out. I sighted the groom’s best man and he was a hell of a “foine” man. I was enjoying myself at the wedding party and admiring the organisation of the committee of friends when the bestman left his high table, walked up to my table to ask if I had taken something and if I was okay I said I was and he kept coming back to check. I thanked him. His own family came around for the wedding too because they are family friends of the groom. His own brother was the friend too.


Solater, towards when I was about to leave the venue, he walked up to me infront of his parents and siblings to ask for my contact. We talked and he accompanied me out of the venue while his bro took me home. We started talking and all till he popped the question in December 2016. The rest they say is history. He’s an easygoing person but most of all, my friend.

Couple :
Onyinye Eboh @cassie_elfuego  n Chris Ogbuoji @statesman_1
📸 photography @edd_of_verdant
Story from @events360blog

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