Ama Abraham is the founder of Destiny Fixers and just recently he announced a relationship that has been building underground with his protege, Blessing Oti. Abraham is a Pastor while Blessing Oti is a coach and an activist on sexual purity. They’ve worked together in various levels at Blessing Oti have always been known to say that she discovered herself in Ama Abraham. And right now, Pastor Ama Abraham has a very brief story to tell.

We always know that Abraham’s blessings is ours but this time… There is a Blessing that belongs to Abraham alone.

This was how it all began…
We first met in an eatery…
We began a mentorship program…
She would submit weekly report…
After a long while, she became my protege. I started watching and praying… As in, real watching… I couldn’t have picked just anything that speaks in tongues and fears God. I know am carrying a global seed. I needed a womb that has the global capacity to incubate and deliver. When I beyond every reasonable doubt confirmed she’s got it. I took her to my pastor- Pastor Ndukwe Ndukwe- for spiritual and partriachal screening… Whilst in my pastor’s house, after a few questioning and auditioning here and there, my pastor said something am ashamed to say. But I don’t mind saying it. My pastor said “She is more convinced about this marriage than you. My spirit confirms your choice of Blessing Oti”. Next was the commencement of pre-marital classes- 12 hot courses. We would travel to Okigwe every now and then for pre-marital school… With the progress made so far in the classes, we are ready for the first major transition…

They gave me the list… First, my heart skipped. I have a hilarious and playful father in-law. While I was going through the list, he was fanning me. Perhaps to calm my body temperature. The flesh part of me was going to protest. Then I remembered she’s worth more than what’s on the list. But Mehn, that list is not smiling at all. Were she not potent and productive, the arrival of that list would have been a good reason to quit… After weighing the list and my bae’s worth, I observed I actually ‘cheated’ them. I told her I will pay double. She goes to tell her dad. I draw her by the hand and whisper “Somebody cannot play with you? Is that how you use to do? “.


Ama & Oti
I started this journey with less than N600 in my account . Lest you think that was a typographical error, let me write in words- Six hundred naira. I certainly do have streams of income. If I never had at least a stream of income , I won’t opt to marry, even if I want to,my pastor will never allow me. But if you conduct an economic indices on my streams of income in relation to the space of time given to respond to the marital rite list, it is technically unfathomable and mathematically embarrassing to come to terms with the fact that the money showed up 2months before the dead line. When the list arrived, I tried hard not to let my fears of not meeting up with the dead line show. I didn’t want it to affect Bae. Alas, Bae has an unusual intuitive power. When she perceived I was a kind of shaking, she said “You are marrying a potent womb. I can incubate. Am waiting for you to fix the date for the traditional wedding. Just fix the date. I know how to download and birth”. I fixed the date. The date was 17th of Feb. It has come and gone. God honoured that date by making all things well. Blessing Oti has been redeemed from Amuvi Village, Arochukwu . She has been translated into Atan Ihechiowa, Arochukwu. Yes you got it. We come from the same local government- Arochukwu, Abia State.

Abraham and Blessing
Thanks to all who wished us well. Thanks to all who prayed for us. Special thanks to my pastor- Pst Ndukwe Ndukwe, my father, Dr and Mrs Francis Ama, My father in-law- Rev and Mrs Eugene. C. Oti and the best family in the whole wide world, DESTINY FIXERS INTERNATIONAL.
It is done! Glory to God…

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