Tunde and I met in August 2010 during my first internship at Television continental.

The first day I saw him, I noticed his looks and all but he was too engrossed with his work ‘forming Mr busy’😂.

Weeks went by as I’ll only pass through his office just to shadow him without saying ‘hi’…that’s what girls do though.

Finally, he saw me on this fateful day after a friend of mine had introduced me to him as her boss. That introduction got us talking afterwards.
That was how we grew from ‘hi’ friends to ‘best friends’

During my second internship, I found myself there after searching everywhere for a place I could have my 3months course and not getting a
positive response, I opted to go back to TVC. I guess we were just destined to know each other better.

And of course, this got us closer than beforeeeeeee.

Fast forward to June 2016 when Tunde had a great plan with my friends @gr8estlara @brownbee on how best he could surprise me with his proposal. 😍😍 Part 1 of the wedding is happening today, and part 2 on Saturday

Planner: @Lh_events


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