One of the most difficult times of making choices for gifts is during wedding preparations. Because people’s choices differ, it is always very difficult to determine the kind of gift they will really appreciate.

Wedding is a very important time in the lives of the celebrants. And if you were ever invited to a wedding, it means you are important to them and that’s why they want you to be part of that very important time of their lives. Whether you are playing a major role or just an unpopular guest at the wedding, consider yourself very important and plan ahead of time to do something special for them.

One of the factors that affect the kind of gift people bring to wedding is not money but lack of preparation. Lots of people don’t plan their gifts ahead of time. During wedding days, you see people running into gift stores to make very quick selections. Sometimes, it also showcases the kind of value placed on the couples. When gifts are prepared ahead of time, it helps us save up for what we want to give and also help us make better selections.

Most Nigerian weddings end with disappointment in the face of the couples towards the gifts because most people come gifts that has very little or no value. Most times, those gifts are not useful to couples. What gifts then will be perfect for couples during on wedding day? Cars, private Jets, flight tickets to Dubai, key to brand new houses… Is it? Well, that is not what we are saying. Very expensive gifts may go a long way to leave an everlasting memory on the minds of couples but what if you aren’t buoyant enough to sponsor such deals? Well, you don’t really need to spend a lot anyway. You just need to be creative and thoughtful. When you give couples the gifts that will be useful to them, you have given them the perfect wedding gift! You are not coming to solve their needs; you are coming to show them love.

Lots of people come to wedding with home utensils; however, the couples already have these things in their homes even before the wedding day. Wedding gifts aren’t necessary supposed to serve as a means where properties are acquired. Knowing that lots of people will still come with pots, buckets, stoves and all those things, you don’t really need to replicate the trend. You may purchase them tickets to a cooking class, a marriage seminar, a movie show that centers on marriage. It may also be customized towels that come with your special wish embroiled in it. You can buy them collections of books for married couples or special perfumes with a special note of good wishes to them. If the couples are Christians, you can get a special bible that has their names on the cover. These things may look very cheap and insignificant to you but you never know how far it will to put smiles on their faces after the wedding. What about going to a music studio to do a song that is dedicated to their marriage? Isn’t that awesome? Believe me; a thoughtful and creative gift will be more appreciated than expensive gifts.


Next time you receive a wedding invitation; don’t rush to the store to wrap up a wall clock! Who said they don’t have one? Sit down and use your brain! Creativity is the best wedding gift!

There are lots of wedding gift ideas, you can drop your on the comment box.

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  1. Most people give same thIng as gift. Towels, bowl, fan etc I already have all this lol.

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