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One of the most thrilling moments of life is when we find ourselves in love with someone. The feelings and the actions that proceeds thereafter determines if we truly love someone or if its just a feeling that is beginning to die away.

In 2013 during Esesoa’s journey towards her professional nursing career, she was posted to a community hospital as a student nurse. Fortunately, Michael was also posted to the same place as a house officer.

When God wants to bring people together, he makes a perfect arrangement. Esesoa and Michael are both originated from Delta State. When their paths crossed each other, Michael couldn’t resist her charming smiles and her personality! Esesoa on her own side found a friend in him. They became very good friends and eventually started dating.

By 2016, Michael couldn’t resist this passion that has suddenly started building up inside of him. He knew what he wanted and Esesoa is just what he needed in a woman. He summoned courage to do what other brave men do. Esesoa might have seen it coming but not really in the manner with which it came. Michael stared into her eyes that faithful day searching for answers before letting the cat out of the bag. Right through her eyes, he saw a wife, a companion and a friend for life! He saw beauty that he can’t let go and he let that strong word out

“Sweetheart… Will you be my wife?”

Did Esesoa hesitate to answer? Perhaps she did or she never did! But one thing is certain, she had dreamt and yearned for this very day! No woman wouldn’t want to spend the rest of her life with her man. She said “yes!” And till date she is sticking that her “yes”… An answer that has made all the difference.

On 14th of January 2017, they will be fulfilling the traditional rites and on 21st January 2017, they will be walking down the aisle to tie the knot and seal the deal forever!

We wish Eseosa and Michael a happy journey into marital bliss!

Congratulations @sosalicious247

We got a clue from @kynthia_royaux and we told the story our own way… This is what we do at @baes_boos.

Much love 💞💕❣️💕


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