Love can always grow stronger when we understand that the demands of love is more than few minutes pleasure on bed. There are lots more inspiring things to do that can help make the bond stronger.

Love isn’t just a feeling that happens, it is a decision someone takes! In love, people decide to overlook their differences, to build a world of tolerance and respect. Love grows when lovers deliberately make attempts to nurture it and water it like we do to the gardens. If you want to enjoy your flower garden, you will not leave the flowers to just grow in its own. You will deliberately water it, dress it and of course keep hoping that it brings out the best of its colours! We do the same thing in relationships. Love don’t just happen, we make it happen.

When you nurture a relationship, don’t expect the best overnight but keep hoping for the best!

Who is that special person in your life? Make out time to play, pray and do other amazing stuffs with him or her. Love is an adventure, we don’t repeat the same thing everyday! Yes… In love, let your creativity count.
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