How are you going to celebrate your Christmas holiday? Yea! The thought of it often brings anxiety or excitement. Everyone wants a perfect Christmas celebration and we often go a very long way to ensure that we have a perfect day.


But do you know? It can be more simple and stress free, yet very fulfilling! Knowing the reason for this season makes it more easy to celebrate. Yes, people celebrate it out of place because they don’t know why they are celebrating!


We are celebrating Jesus! Not just His birth or His coming but the joy, peace and love that came with Him! Aha! So, its a season of sharing joy, love and being in peace with one another! Its a moment of healing for broken relationships, a moment of reconsidering if separation is the ideal, a moment of forgiven one and another, a moment of celebrating love and joy!


Some romantic vibes can spice this day for you! Some little surprises, romantic texts and calls will be appreciated by your spouse. That very special person in your life should be treated special! What about neighbours and poor ones? Don’t forget them… They need love too!

How do we show Christ if not love for one another?

We wish you a merry romantic Christmas, a fun filled day, a day of healing, a day of experiencing love and a day of finding love. Jesus is the reason after all.

From all of us at BaesBoos.

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